playroomONSTAGE-7934Stranger Danger is a film and live performance piece that examines the way we treat unknown people on a cultural and personal level. It asks what it is that drives people to unite over common (perceived) enemies to the point where we end up with organisations like the EDL and how the psychology of individualism feeds into modern day, Western tribalism. It will examine the various ways prejudice is transmitted as well as exploring the loneliness epidemic, Empathy Fatigue and the threat of the sentient robot or alien in sci-fi. It will comment on the psychology of borders, xenophobia and elitism, presenting and dissecting grotesque stereotypes of ‘self-made’ men and aggressive racist nationalists (among others).  


Stranger Danger has been developed in association with Theatre Delicatessen and TR2: Theatre Royal, Plymouth.  




Image by James Millar